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SwaddleDesigns blankets are the only blankets with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge.

Welcome to the SwaddleClub

The SwaddleClub is a free service for new parents. The SwaddleClub provides free white noise, baby care videos, and helpful tips for parents with newborns. Easy to understand baby care information will help new parents learn to calm and comfort their baby. Please visit SwaddleClub for more info.

We've been there - fresh home with a newborn and thought, now what? We would love to help.

First Smart Swaddling Blanket

We are excited to announce that after 10 years of helping parents with our 123 Swaddle® label, we are introducing the SwaddleClub label to make the helpful resources on the SwaddleClub easy to access from your smartphone.

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Free White Noise

Parents will have the opportunity to stream full-length super-soothing white noise to assess different calming and sleep sounds to discover which sounds help calm and comfort their baby.

How to Swaddle

New parents can easily access helpful information and videos from their smartphone. The SwaddleClub includes easy to follow how to swaddle instructions, diagrams and videos.

Baby Care Videos

The SwaddleClub QR label makes it easy for parents to access short baby care videos and helpful information to a mobile phone.

New Collection

Ultimate Swaddles featuring the SwaddleClub Label.
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Muslin Swaddles

SwaddleDesigns Premium Quality Muslin Swaddles featuring the SwaddleClub label.
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