SwaddleDesigns - Muslin zzZIpMe Sack Collection

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SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe Sack feature a clever 2-way zipper.
A zzZipMe Sack is perfect when baby is ready to transition from swaddling.

Handy 2-Way Zipper

The zipper zips down from the top making it easy to place baby into sack and zips up from the bottom keeping baby snugly warm during diaper changes.

Super Soft

Featuring super soft, premium fabric with soft satin trim.

Available in 4 TOG Ratings

Our zzZipMe Sacks are avaliable in 4 TOG ratings.

What is a TOG Rating?

A TOG is the unit measurement of thermal resistance, used to estimate warmth. Most medical experts recommend a sleep environment of 65-70°F.

SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe Sack 2-way zipper video